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released January 3, 2012



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Creatures Anaheim, California

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Track Name: Broken Throne
Burned alive, sacrificed,
Shut down in the name
of resistance;
A congregation of the damned.

Gazing eyes of the worlds demise
burn deep into hollow lies,
sitting at the forefront
of your weary steps

You cast your stones
from a broken throne.
You cast your stones.
Let it be known.

Hell to gain and nothing to lose,
Your eyes shine unto reality.
it's not as you hoped, and now you sit upon
A broken throne
Track Name: Stepped On
Don't fucking tell me that I'm alright
when you're on the outside looking in.
Pushed over the edge for the last time,
The ice beneath you is getting thin

Stepped on, Forgotten, Betrayed,
Waste of my time.
Lied to, Deceived, Buried alive.

Don't pull me up, just fade away
Let me be, let me breathe
Corrosion of the thoughts I had
Leave me bittersweet.

Stepped on, betrayed
I defy you

Try to dictate
my every move
Stepped on, betrayed
I defy you
Track Name: Separate
Eliminate with their lies.
Eradicate those of the other kind

Separate myself
from all that keeps me here.
Destroy what plagues my mind;
What I see and what I fear.

Look down on me, You look down on me.
I won't forget this when you see what I see
Track Name: Crush The Tyrants
Broken down from the inside out,
Can't keep me down.
Face to face with the vices that haunt me.
Face to face with myself.

Crush the tyrants.
Bring them to their knees.
Crush the tyrants.

Only me, my enemy,
Save me from my misery.
Only me, my enemy,
Set me free

Crush the Tyrants
Track Name: Let Me Burn
Descend down another level,
Eyes more red than the devil himself.
Staring down anxiously,
The bottomless pit of despair

Let myself sink
Let me burn
Eat away at my skin
Feel my scorn

Descend down another level
Eyes more red than the devil himself
You've awoken a beast chained within.
Now feel the wrath of a man who's marked by sin

Let me burn

Descend down another level
Eyes more red than the devil
Track Name: Clandestine Vengeance
Downfall, Famine, Plague;
Your last embrace.
Your hunger, such frailty.
(Becoming) what you hated.

To justify my faith, your last embrace.
Clandestined vengeance, you meet your end.

Clandestined Vengeance,
Your imminent demise.
The underlying fear
Of death's revenge.

Selfish tirade, your reign ends here.
This is the last time you hold me down.
Your walls fall, too much to bare.
This is the downfall of all who tried to

Justify my faith; Your last embrace.
Clandestined vengeance, you meet your end.
Track Name: Beneath Me
Turn around,
Look back in anger.
See the world that you hoped to conquer
Crumble at your feet

Self absorbed, your world revolves
Around the sun that you've set for yourself
Oblivious, you worship a ghost.
You've crushed your own shell.

A world in which you've sucked the life
Out of those you wish to be at your knees
Oblivious, release yourself
Believe me, you've been beat

You are Beneath me
Beneath me

Self absorbed, the world revolves around
The sun you set for yourself
Track Name: Soulless Possessor
Soulless Possessor, strike you down.
Soulless Possessor, I destroy your crown.

Your hands fall silent
You've reached a new low.
You've been blinded,
reap what you sow
Soulless Possessor
Strike you down
Soulless possesor
I destroy your crown

Your hands fell silent,
you reached a new low.
You've been blinded,
reap what you sow.
Track Name: Insubordinate
Bow down to no man, answer to no one.
I kneel for nothing. I see what's real
You won't save me, you mean nothing to me
I curse the cold ground in which your feet are placed upon

We've been told to worship
Your white lies

We've been told to repent
For sins we all commit
Left alone, now you lie in it.

Your white lies.
Look in my eyes.